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Unrealistic Expectations

Fairytales, a knight in shining armor, glass slippers, the perfect man, the perfect woman, the perfect children, the perfect family, white pickett fences...sound familiar? You met the man or woman of your dreams, dating is going great, you get engaged, you plan the wedding, and then you tie da knot and get married! And then reality hits!! Who is this person that I just married? Why doesn't she cook every day? Why doesn't he pick up after himself? Why won't she wash the dishes? Why doesn't he fill the gas tank? Why do I have to ask him to take out the trash? Why doesn't he listen to me? Why doesn't she respect me? Why won't he let me know that he will be late coming in and why? Why does my spouse get so upset when I'm out with my friends? Why do I feel alone in this marriage? Why won't he/she open up to me? Why does she speak to me that way? When she does, I feel like less of a man!! My spouse just doesn't understand me! Why can't we communicate with each other? Why does he/she shut down when I try to confront him with my concerns?Why doesn't he touch me anymore? I expect you to respond how I think you should respond, why won't you? Why won't she make love to me anymore? Why can't we seem to very on the same page?

How will they treat you in the midst of a storm or trial? You might be surprised to see a different side of your prince or princess.

What happened to the romance? I thought the love would last forever...!

Often times when we meet our mates, we meet their representatives, their best selves. We sometimes look away from their flaws or we simply don't see them. We want to believe that what we see is what we will get. At least that's the expectation...What we don't realize is that we may not have seen this person at their worst and so we don't know how they will respond when unfavorable circumstances come their way. In fact, they may not respond how we expect them to...the frustrated communication begins...

So the question becomes, how can you avoid falling into the trap of Unrealistic Expectations?

BMCS is here to help you understand yourself, and your mate on a more intimate level so that you can build a solid foundation for your marriage!

Set up a consultation, let's discuss how we can guide you in your marriage journey. We are here for you.

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