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You are about to embark on a life-changing book. "Single Christian: Endangered Species” by Anthony Brooks' is an immense exposition of the prevalent challenges single Christians face due to a lack of church support. It is so comprehensive that it addresses the most pressing issues surrounding married member's marginalization of singles in the church. Starting with the single men and women, the writer makes significant expositions on the church's singles' tendency to be endangered species due to a lack of authentic Christian experience and also the baggage and certain negative attitudes they carry into relationships, causing their inability to thrive in a good relationship that leads to marriage. You'll be surprised by what singles in the church have to say about how the church treats them and how they feel about their connections with other singles of the opposite gender. Thanks to the author's survey for making this possible. The author didn't miss a beat in emphasizing to the Body of Christ how they might provide good pastoral care to their singles and keep them engaged rather than alienated. With practical and personal examples, as well as spiritual references and the wisdom and experience of a great biblical teacher, you'll inevitably be brought to an understanding of what the word of God says about the problems and dangers that singles in the church may face. The author has meticulously described tips for establishing a healthy single ministry and techniques for combating the common sins that singles struggle with. "Single Christians" is a must-read for single Christians who desire to be strengthened and encouraged to be the best they can be while single, thereby bringing them out of extinction into existence. It is equally a must-read for married Christians who need to be reminded of how to aid single Christians to be successful in Christ.

About the Author...


Anthony Brooks was born in Brooklyn, NY. He has been a member of the Body of Christ since 1979 and has contributed immensely to the Single Ministry for over 7 years. He is a Bishop, Marriage counselor, Bible teacher, mentor, and now Author. He is widely known to help minister and transform the lives of members of the Body by educating them and helping them understand exactly who they are in Christ. Brooks’ burning desire is to see single Christians strengthened and encouraged, thus finding their way out of extinction to existence. Single Christian is his first book. He earned a Bachelor of Bible Studies at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. He has served as a minister, keynote speaker, teacher throughout the US and Puerto Rico. Anthony now resides in south west suburban area of Atlanta, GA.



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